Saturday, December 31, 2011

First Strike

During the Cold War was called "First strike" the first blow in a hypothetical nuclear confrontation because of its devastating power left virtually unresponsive to the enemy.

Among the strategies of Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD) is probably the most emphasizes the escalation in the number of nuclear weapons as only having a considerable number of vectors are able to maintain some capacity to respond to a "Second Strike".

Yesterday we had a "First Strike" economy in Spain. The battery of measures taken by the newly appointed Council of Ministers of Rajoy leaves little doubt of his character. Designed to demolish the morale of the Spanish middle class (which contributes about two thirds of effort), warning that only the "beginning of the beginning" (that is hard to use biblical phrases like this to warn the pseudo Apocalypse come), clears little doubt that had that election campaigns are purely propaganda.

In media can't advertise a product that has a different use than advertised or contains elements different from those contained in the explanation. We fined for misleading advertising. Instead, political parties play, without exception, to promise heaven and deliver instead, at least, purgatory.

Nobody doubted that further measures were needed to control the deficit, but we expected more. Those who have announced so far are more of the same, for it was not necessary to change the government.

Direct reading of that can only prolong the recession and have zero impact on unemployment in the short term, undermine the private consumption and reduce investment.

Have endeavored to give a horse a purgative to cure indigestion. They are using nuclear weapons and may not have learned that Von Neumann already predicted that conflicts with nuclear weapons summarized in equation 1 + 1 = 0.

Happy New Year 2012 (despite everything).

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