Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early retirees

Following takeover Unnim by BBVA has shown, again, who is bearing the brunt of the restructuring, employees seniors.
The statements of the head of BBVA in Catalonia made ​​last week pointed in that direction, the adjustment will be based on relocations and, above all, the layoffs will be made based on early retirement.

I searched Google images of seniors, in the vast majority belonged to elderly couples performing a fun, smiling, happy, carefree.

It is possible that in some cases may be so, even after a certain age is unquestionable, especially if you have health to enjoy it, but in many cases we are hiding behind a perverse effect early retirement from the economic point of view and deeply unfair: is dismissed due to the greater or lesser proximity to the legal age of retirement is not based on your professional skills.

In certain areas where physical activity is the differentiating factor may be reasonable to think that element of discrimination, however, in areas where the experience and background is everything, in sectors where the human element is the resource on which rests the corporate success or failure is difficult to understand him to be dispensed.

The society we are creating a society that criminalizes the knowing and knowledge, despite making this flag, it penalizes productivity, are dismissed as a collective rather than less competitive but for belonging to a particular cohort of age.

Curiously, the same as they were dismissed after they are sought as clients, apparently only a change of view.

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Ides of March

I am a little concerned, although it seems that no matter how bad the news that appears, and that the market remains above the supports, approaches spring, or whatever it is, the Ides of March. The oldest of the place have always attributed a character bass in late winter and early spring, will be it that alters blood. The truth is that I prefer to think as M. Twain and hope that this month is as good or bad as the others.

The Ibex, despite everything, is below the resistance line, an area that in recent months has been impossible to penetrate. The indicators are somewhat overbought so, barring any positive surprise, it not seems that there will be a break immediately.

The finding by Rajoy that is impossible that what is impossible, despite the tenacity Calvinist from Central Europe, and the unstoppable rise in unemployment; the measures taken are not going to give short-term results, especially for what it really reduces the unemployment is growth, and I fear it is the only one not expect. As the pendulum rule requires, in addition, ministers are now more than ash and give no joy to anyone.

Moreover, the evolution of certain commodities, especially oil, threatens to end to screw the little hope there, that the rest of Europe to grow and pull us.
Bad times for poetry.

Barcelona front page of NY Times

Well, looks like we've done it again, Barcelona on the front page of newspapers worldwide, but not held during these days one of the most important congresses related to new technologies or the impact this event has on the local economy, no, once again we are news disturbances generated by a band of fanatics, who covered the mass engaged in urban terrorism with the approval of everyone.

Everyone should be aware that the picture, its characters, they are still, despite the violence they contain, mere puppets of a much more elaborate joke.

On one hand, the mass outrage, they raise rates by pursuing higher education. In Spain, ignorance leads us to hope that everyone has a college degree, in 60 years we have gone from being illiterate to high school graduates struggling to be civil servants or professionals prepared to nurture companies from outside our country, this is called a good investment.

In addition it is intended that social mobility are paid by the state, ie, everyone. It might seem redistributive, but once again the wrong focus, redistribution is allow the best prepared reach the highest levels of knowledge without the cost prevents them from reaching, the rest, if you want, you pay. That is, more scholarships and the rest to pay the real cost of education. We live in a country where the middle and upper middle class send their children to school concerted, good private schools because we pay the rest part. That each hold your candle stick, who can afford private schools that pay and who not, to the public.

Of course, we are in the country of half solutions, as we can not make a local finance law allow municipalities are financed by selling land and urbanized municipality, as we can not afford the education necessary public squares, to subsidize private schools.

That good business is done with the money of others. Almost I prefer the American model, it will be unfair in some respects, but ultimately prevails further effort and perseverance in his work as a true redistribution of income, the other are front pages.