Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early retirees

Following takeover Unnim by BBVA has shown, again, who is bearing the brunt of the restructuring, employees seniors.
The statements of the head of BBVA in Catalonia made ​​last week pointed in that direction, the adjustment will be based on relocations and, above all, the layoffs will be made based on early retirement.

I searched Google images of seniors, in the vast majority belonged to elderly couples performing a fun, smiling, happy, carefree.

It is possible that in some cases may be so, even after a certain age is unquestionable, especially if you have health to enjoy it, but in many cases we are hiding behind a perverse effect early retirement from the economic point of view and deeply unfair: is dismissed due to the greater or lesser proximity to the legal age of retirement is not based on your professional skills.

In certain areas where physical activity is the differentiating factor may be reasonable to think that element of discrimination, however, in areas where the experience and background is everything, in sectors where the human element is the resource on which rests the corporate success or failure is difficult to understand him to be dispensed.

The society we are creating a society that criminalizes the knowing and knowledge, despite making this flag, it penalizes productivity, are dismissed as a collective rather than less competitive but for belonging to a particular cohort of age.

Curiously, the same as they were dismissed after they are sought as clients, apparently only a change of view.

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