Thursday, February 16, 2012

Mediterranean axis and carnival

There should be a product of chance that one of the most budget ministers handled has been dropped by Barcelona during the week of Carnival.

Carnival is fun anticipating the period of Lent, dates on which Christians are taking a hard period of reflection and penance before the week of passion (Easter).

The carnival comes probably from pagan festivals like the feast of Dionysus Greek or Roman the Bacchanalia. A festival in other words.

Well, in this healthy environment, we had the visit of Mrs. Pastor, who before the cluster of accidents in the suburban rail network in Barcelona, ​​has come with its cornucopia before "Mardi gras" and has offered, bountiful, plenty of investment (on paper) to unclog the delays endemic to the rail network in Catalonia. Among others also came to reaffirm the government's interest in promoting the Mediterranean axis, the structure of vital importance not only for Spain but throughout Europe, as it would bind using a communication channel, high-capacity North Africa through Morocco to northern Europe.

So far nothing abnormal, the problem has jumped at once that the minister has removed the mask to say, pleased himself, that central government support as a priority the construction of railway infrastructure, but instead of using the natural step of the Mediterranean, which also includes the most important Spanish ports from the point of view of commercial activity, Valencia, Tarragona and Barcelona, ​​would support a priority axis passing through Madrid and then through the Pyrenees. The crossing of the Pyrenees would be done through a tunnel of new construction of over 40 km long and budgeted (now) at over 6,000 million euros.

The problem is not, as the minister said that in other parts of Spain are also entitled to be a priority, because that experience and have lived with the AVE that we have mistaken for the Metro. This is rationally make the investment needed to boost the country and be competitive. Pass the train through the center of Spain is not an efficient decision and Brussels, reject it last year.

All you get with this nonsense is that large projects will always stop to have clear ideas and entertain least try to please everyone. At the end is always a question of leadership, as in previous years, you are missing a lot right now.

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