Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Solving the deficit

The chairman of the Committee for Economic and Financial Policy of the CEOE, Jose Luis Feito, has found the remedy the deficit, since the item of unemployment benefits is most important. Admittedly, the measure could lead, without any doubt, to compete for the Nobel laureate himself.

It is that any unemployed person refuses a job offer will be withdrawn automatically entitled to collect unemployment benefits. Although, according to his own words, the job is located in Lapland (far away from Spain, of course).

The hypothesis is that the unemployed are lazy they would rather be at home to work, prefer loafing and receiving a grant to work with the country's progress, they prefer to stay with a handout to earn his salary through effort.

Personally I think the vast majority of unemployed in this country, first it is not by choice, and second, the rejection of a job can be given at a time when no jobs and the unemployed know that if you can wait a little longer to find a placement in better condition than it offered. I do not think we're in this situation and all unemployed person know that, or take what comes, whatever it is, or there will be a second chance.

The verbiage and lack of sensitivity seems to have been installed in certain sectors of the CEOE, not realizing that there are now many people who have a hard and are not directly responsible for that to happen.

To say that we have to accept a job even in Lapland shows that the worker is not known in our country, a few days ago we saw a story on the failure of many Spanish who have gone to find work in Norway and live on charity. I do not think will be a problem is a problem that no work.

Anyway, as has its charms, solves the problem permanently, to Gerona unemployed are offered a job in Huelva, to La Coruna in Murcia, the Canary Islands from Madrid, engineers work mason and bricklayers pilot work and so on, certain that the deficit is reduced but not unemployment.

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