Saturday, February 11, 2012

You're fired

Well, that's it. It has reduced the dismissal. Now, it's time to create jobs. There are no excuses.

Nor was there before. In fact, new workers covered by the guarantee of 45 days, at present, practically nonexistent. Those who are hired after the publication in the BOE is going to hurt, so far worth 45.

There is no doubt that the duality of the Spanish labor market is tightening (or was) and that this prevented the fixed and favored the hiring of temporary chain. But the measures taken today are not going to lower the unemployment rate, not even going to arrest the further deterioration. It's a long-term measure and for now, and for a long time, there will be no results.

But it's media. It was seen on camera Guindos staging his "petit committee." Please.

Unemployment decreases with growth in Spain, historically, it takes 2 points of GDP growth to reduce unemployment by one point. Do the calculations, 25% unemployment means ...... phew.

The other element is to reduce unemployment with competitiveness, and as we will not compete with emerging economies (or with the Germans if they charge at 1 € per hour) we will have to, investing in R & D, ie knowledge. But, there's always a but, if we not invest when we could invest, did we do now? No, now we cut spending and firing people. Always pro-cyclical measures. When will we learn?

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